3 Korean Skin Care Items That Will Make Up Your Skin Without Make Ups: Olive Young Edition

Having an attractive, charming, and beautiful look is probably the biggest issue among people nowadays. However, it seems like only a few have that LOOK. Well, this is because most of us neglect the importance of basic skin care. Just by following a well-constructed skincare routine with appropriate products, YOU will be able to have that LOOK that you’ve been desiring.

In this blog, you will be introduced to 3 Korean basic skin care products that will positively reconstruct your skin and provide you a healthy, beautiful skin.

1. Celimax – JI WOO GAE Toner Pad

JIWOOGAE Toner Pad From Olive Young

The product name, JI WOO GAE, means ‘eraser’ in Korean. As you have probably noticed, this toner pad is made to erase the acne on your face. This toner pad is an optimal mixture of components such as BHA/PHA/LHA which are mostly used in dermatology clinics. As these components mainly remove the dead skin and skin waste on your face, it will clear up your skin and protect it from acne.

Pad Shape of JIWOOGAE Toner


This product’s uniqueness also comes from the shape of its pad. A plaid embossed pad offers detailed care for every part of your skin from curved areas to non-curved areas.

Using this pad will be suitable for people who are seeking moisturization of their dry skin. Also, during summer when the sunlight is damaging your skin, this pad will calm your skin down by cooling the damaged area.


The only concern toward this pad is ‘quantity‘. I do not doubt the effectiveness of the pad on dry, acne skin. However, because consumers will be using the pad every morning and night, 60 pads hardly last for two weeks or so. The price for this pad is around $20 (2400 Won), so I suggest you buy it at Olive Young’s online website when it’s on sale.

MKT’s Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

2. Ample:N – Cermide Shot Ampoule

Ample:N’s Ceramide Shot Ampoule from Olive Young

To describe this product in one word, it will be ‘barrier’. What this Ample does is create a moisturized barrier to dried, sensitive and damaged skin. This ample has won the ‘Moisturizing Essense’ section in the 2020 Glowpick awards, Korea’s first consumer-led beauty awards ceremony where award-winning products are selected based on reviews from real consumers registered on the Glowpick platform for a specific period of time.


Ample: N’s Ceramide Shot Ampoule is specialized in offering a highly moisturizing solution to the skin. The pipette will help you adjust the amount of the ampoule you want to spread on your skin.

Something to highlight from this ampoule is its noticeable effect on the skin after usage. A dry, crumbly skin changes to shiny skin after using this ampoule.

Not only that, this ampoule costs only $7.5 (10000 Won) while offering a 100ml of ampoule. If you are looking for an effective ampoule while having less budget, this is the one for you.


Since I gave too many compliments to this product, at this point, you might be wondering “Is there any bad thing about this product?”. Well, there is ONE bad thing about this product.

As the product is suitable for people who have dry skin, especially during winter when the skin gets dry, using this product during summer will make your skin oily. This might lead to acne and skin troubles. If you have oily skin, then I do not recommend using this product.

MKT’s Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

3. Dr.G – R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream

Dr.G’s R.E.D Blemish Clear Soothing Cream from
Olive Young

This soothing cream from Dr.G is arguably the best soothing cream existing in Korea. It has been the selling cream from Olive Young for 3 years. Yes, you heard it right. For 3 straight years, this cream has nailed its name in the Korean beauty market.

Now let’s get in deeper into what made this cream so special and loveable.

XL version of R.E.D Clear Soothing Cream


The first thing that surprised me when I first saw this cream was that it is a vegan cream.

Cica, a skin-friendly ingredient that is contained in the cream is one of the most popular ingredients for skin care products in Korea as it is effective for healing sensitive and damaged skin from polluted environments.

Not only that, while offering a long-lasting moisturization that lasts for more than 100 hours, it also contains a whitening effect for people who wants to whiten their tanned skin tone.

A stick contained in R.E.D Blemish Cream


There are two downsides to this product, which was somewhat critical for me.

First was that the stick which comes with the cream isn’t hygienic. It bothered me every time I used it as I had to clean it after using it. Also, I think it would’ve been better if it came with a tube instead of a stick so that the process of using the cream was much more simple and hygienic.

The second downside is the absence of an ‘anti-aging’ function. Although it does its job of moisturizing the skin for such long hours, having an anti-aging function would’ve made the product much more appealing.

MKT’s Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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