3 Hidden Masterpieces of Kim Soo-Hyun: K-drama & K-movie

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Kim Soo-Hyun, a Korean actor, is one of the most famous Korean male actors in the current media field. Unlike some of the other Korean actresses who are just handsome, Kim Soo-Hyun can act professionally while continuously looking handsome.

Because of these traits, he began to gain the spotlight from the media and started to take dramas that became global success; such as The Moon Embracing the Sun, My Love from the Star, and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

However, in this blog, we will be introducing 3 K-movies and K-dramas of Kim Soo-Hyun that are known as a hidden masterpiece among Korean fans.

1. Dream High (2011)

Source: IMDB

Kim Soo-Hyun took part in Dream High as Song Sam-Dong, an innocent young boy who has moved to the city to follow his love. In his new school, Kirin High School of Art, he finds his talent and starts dreaming of becoming a superstar.

Kim Soo-Hyun goes through various obstacles on his way to becoming a ‘superstar’. The biggest obstacle that he faced was the fact that he was losing his hearing. This was the moment where he hit the rock bottom. His dream to become a superstar has been damaged and Kim Soo-Hyun was depressed badly. When he was doubting his ability to perform as a singer, his love Suzy helped him to hit the right note and stay at the right tempo while singing on the stage. The song he sang, “Dreaming”, has became one of the most popular theme song in Korea.

This K-drama is a hidden masterpiece as most international fans who have recently started to follow K-dramas won’t get a chance to watch old ones. Dream High is the first drama where Kim Soo-Hyun acted as a main character, you will be able to feel his voice shaking during the scenes. Also, it feels awesome to watch one of the greatest actor’s first chapter of his acting journey. 

Dreaming by Kim Soo-Hyun

2. Secretely, Greatly (2013)

Source: IMDB

Secretly, Greatly is based on the story of a famous webtoon(comic). Kim Soo-Hyun acted as Won Ryu-Hwan, a special agent from North Korea, who was sent to South Korea to serve his mission as a spy.

Won Ryu-Hwan’s task was to act as a fool, and, surprisingly, Kim Soo-Hyun has successfully shown how such a posh actor like him can depict foolishness. 

We recommend this K-movie to fans who have only seen a few dramas or movies of Kim Soo-Hyun where he’s dressed luxuriously. You will be able to find Kim Soo-Hyun’s hidden attractive point. The iconic green sweat suit he wore in this movie has become one of the most memorable costumes in the K-movie field.

In this K-movie Kim Soo-Hyun depicts two opposing identities, one as a fool(South Korean), and the other one as a highly trained North Korean killer(North Korean). Here, you will be able to go through his various emotions as he interacts with people around him.

This K-movie is a must-watch if you are a Kim Soo-Hyun fan as the acting performance that’s shown in this movie is overwhelming.

Official Trailer for Secretly, Greatly

3. The Producers (2015)

Source: KBS

The Producers is a romantic comedy K-drama where the love story of employees at KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) is the main event.

In this K-drama, Kim Soo-Hyun acts as Baek Seung-Chan, a new PD in KBS. The reason why he decided to join KBS is because the PD working in KBS is Kim Soo-Hyun’s love.

By watching this drama, we can experience the life of PD and employees of broadcasting companies and Kim Soo-Hyun has perfectly shown his sincerity when acting as a person who has fallen in love. His eyes, gestures, and every detail he depicts on the screen show how he treats the act of acting.

Kim Soo-Hyun’s sincerity boosted the chemistry between him and other actresses, especially Gong Hyo-Jin, with whom Kim Soo-Hyun fell in love during the drama.

This K-drama by Kim Soo-Hyun is a bit different from other K-dramas and K-movies by Kim Soo-Hyun. Rather than depicting Kim Soo-Hyun as a posh, wealthy character, he is depicted as a normal salary man.

As a result, in The Producers, Kim Soo Hyun feels more like a good friend of mine rather than an actor.

Official Trailer for The Producers

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